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Too much traffic causes the Subservient President to freeze up

George W. Bush, the most interactive president in our nation’s history, has slowed to a crawl. That would be good news in the real world, but it’s bad news online. So, don’t congratulate yourselves for halting this pilgrim’s progress. As of early this afternoon, the creators of the surprisingly prognathous but quite serviceable Subservient President, were posting this communiqué:

“Due to the overwhelming and totally unexpected response to the Subservient President, we are rapidly approaching our data transfer limit at Earthlink—if this happens, the president will be forced to go into his spider hole until we find a new web host. In the meantime, you may experience some slow or recalcitrant behavior from our otherwise submissive leader. We appreciate your support, but for the next couple of days, please resist the temptation to dominate our president and, at least for now, please stop telling your friends about this site!”

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