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DoD Word of the Day for August 9


Greater Vocabulary for Greater World Power!

lay leader or lay reader—A volunteer (“lay leader” in Army and Air Force; “lay reader” in Navy and Marine Corps) appointed by the commanding officer and supervised and trained by the command chaplain to serve for a period of time to meet the needs of a particular religious faith group when their military chaplains are not available. The lay leader or lay reader may conduct services, but may not exercise any other activities usually reserved for the ordained clergy. See also command chaplain; command chaplain of the combatant command; religious ministry support; religious ministry support plan; religious ministry support team; Service component command chaplain. [Added June 9, 2004 by DOD from its newly revised doctrinal publication Religious Support in Joint Operations] —page 301

lay reference number—In naval mine warfare, a number allocated to an individual mine by the minefield planning authority to provide a simple means of referring to it. —page 301

(A tip of the cap to Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists for posting the recently revised Department of Defense official dictionary. Check out the invaluable FAS Project on Government Secrecy.)

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