A Little Number Eric Idle Wrote While Out Duck Hunting With a Judge


Leave it to ex-Rutle Eric Idle, the most musical of the Monty Python crew, to drop his pants and wave his dick at the Dubya camp. Idle offers “The FCC Song” on the official Python site as a free download, knowing that any tune spouting “fuck” 14 times without a “clean” version won’t make college radio, much less the charts. His intention is to keep his side’s spirits up. Idle nails his targets by name, something that Python, not to mention most performers today, wouldn’t dare in song.

“Here’s a little number I wrote while out duck hunting with a judge,” Idle announces, then croons in soft-shoe English music-hall mode: “Fuck you very much the FCC/Fuck you very much for fining me.” After razzing Clear Channel, he flips off Condi the “intellectual tart” and “Dickhead Mr. Cheney,” rhymes “Bush” with “tush,” and thanks everyone concerned for locking up “uppity rich bitch” Martha Stewart instead of Enron and saving “the great white male.” All of which may be too clever for its own good—there are useful catchphrases here, but not even “Fuck you very much the FCC” seems right for a sing-along. Like the online war protests of R.E.M. and the Beasties, Idle’s parry is unlikely to break out past Python fans and convinced Bush haters. But it’s smarter and funnier—just like us.