Listings – 8/17/2004


Maybe the Republican National Convention should come to town every week, because there hasn’t been this much art activity in a long time. The largest arts and politics affair is the Imagine Festival, featuring music, film, comedy, theater, and fine art from Saturday to next Thursday. Many of the music events are held at the Knitting Factory—with the best show in the series being one of the first, with old-school hip-hopper Slick Rick and new-school turntablist Cut Chemist. Go to for more information. Saturday @ 10, Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard, 212.219.3132

Republicans are a notoriously squeamish bunch, so maybe the best way to frighten them is to cover a bunch of naked people in glitter and put them onstage in a fleshy extravaganza called Fahrenheight 5-6-7-8! The naked people in question are the Dazzle Dancers, a troupe of theater types who’ve long terrified the denizens of downtown. This will be their first full-length show—with Murray Hill hosting the naughty party. Tuesday @ 9:30, Fez, 380 Lafayette, 212.533.7000

A survivor of the yuppie onslaught, the Jackie Factory hosts its 5th Annual Hooker’s Ball as part of Disgraceland right before the RNC, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Protecting Protest storefront. There’s a costume competition with a $250 prize going to the people sporting the best Star-Spangled Mack Daddy Pimp and Patriotic Showgirl outfits. All of the old-school East Village kids will be there, including Johnny Dynell, Paul Alexander, Hattie Hathaway, and Chi Chi Valenti, plus burlesquers Jessica Rabbit, Viva, Amber Ray Domination, Miss Kelly Webb, the Swedish Housewife, and Dirty Martini. Remember, this event was started to bemoan the end of streetwalkers in the meatpacking district. However, the event sponsors shouldn’t be all sad. There are still hookers in the MD—they’re called models! Thursday @ 10, Crobar, 530 W 28th, 212.629.9000

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