Remote Patrol



September 6 through 8 at 9 on Trio

A few years ago, comedians Sarah Silverman and Sam Seder made a funny mockumentary film called Who’s the Caboose? about the life of young actors who flock to Hollywood for pilot season (the months when new TV series are cast). The two reprise their roles in this six-episode sequel, spread over three nights, which mocks everything from Hollywood fitness crazes (the “Pilodes” teacher explains that “once you’ve paid, 90 percent of your work is done”) to movie agency hierarchy (a sign reads, “Assistants may NOT use ceramic mugs. Assistants may ONLY use paper cups”). It’s more abrasive than HBO’s Entourage but not quite as funny as the original Who’s the Caboose?, which Trio will also air September 5 at 9 p.m.


September 9 at 8 on HBO

Rory Kennedy makes no bones about objectivity in this documentary about our local nuclear power station, just 35 miles north of Manhattan and directly in the path of the planes that decimated the WTC on 9-11. With her brother Robert Kennedy Jr. (an anti-Indian Point activist) as her guide, Kennedy wonders why there isn’t a no-fly zone over the plant and why so few of the security staff feel capable of repelling a terrorist attack, asking in the most plainspoken way, “What price are we paying for those 2,000 megawatts of power?”


Thursdays at 8 on NBC (starting September 9)

Those of us who sobbed at the whacking of Adriana on The Sopranos last season are relieved to see that Drea DeMatteo has found a temporary home on this almost funny Friends spin-off. DeMatteo’s playing a similarly attitudinal Italian chick, only this time she’s sidekick to her sweet ‘n’ stupid brother Joey instead of a psychopathic mafia henchman. Surely she deserves better.