New York

Color Him Dubyatron


Something to keep you occupied while we occupy other countries

While you anarchists are stewing in NYPD paddy wagons this weekend, you’ll need something (as defense contractors do) to occupy your time. I’d suggest the Dubya Coloring and Activity Book, complete with “mind-blowing patriotic stickers inside!”

Brooklyn boy Brian Wilcox is the person behind this very funny venture, published by Behemoth Press, which you can find through this site. Wilcox lets you color in an entirely different view of New York City—one that’s seen through the eyes of “Dubyatron.”

Wilcox explains on page 1:

Hey, kids! President George Dubya Bush here. You may remember me from such classics as No Child Left Behind, Iraq War II, and tax cuts for the wealthy. When I’m not “Presidenting” or on vacation, I join a band of superheroes called the Neo-Cons to help protect the world from evildoers and dead-enders. As a Neo-Con, I don’t go by George Dubya, but as Dubyatron!

Explore the “Enron Slippy Slide” (a maze composed of octopus-like tentacles) and a typical commercial street in Baghdad (featuring such businesses as “Abercrombie & Fedayeen,” “Bed Baath & Beyond,” and “Jiffy Bomb”), where you’ll hunt for WMDs.

Or, explore the differences between the “Islamic Fundies” and the “Christian Fundies.” (Hint: Which ones believe they’re anointed by God to convert heathens?)

Wilcox seems like a mild-mannered guy—at least he was when I talked to him. The slim book, however, is anything but. It’s the kind of laugh riot that could cause a riot (if it got into the wrong hands—those of the American people).

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