New York

Internal NYPD Memo: Beware the Trojan Puppet!


Thursday morning, an outfit called the Campaign to Demilitarize the Police is releasing a document that they say is an internal NYPD memo—an RNC legal guide for cops. I had a look at this document today. It’s dated March 10, 2004, and bears the name of Thomas P. Doepfner, Assistant Deputy Police Commissioner. The guide warns of vile projectiles like nail-filled potatoes, acid, urine, feces, and ammonia, and tells police to search the whimsical giant papier-mache puppets common in street theater for hidden weapons like rocket launchers.

That should put everyone in a good mood.

Also, fun tip for the kids: If a cop gets hurt while he’s cutting apart your sleeping dragon*, he can charge you with assault.

I’ll post a link to the memo tomorrow.

*sleeping dragon: a device made from wire or PVC that links protesters’ arms together in a hard-to-break human chain.

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