New York

Beautiful Anarchy


Photo by Edgar Mata

COLUMBUS CIRCLE–DNC2RNC, a 258-mile march of “grassroots democratic activists” who reject both the Democratic and Republican parties arrived in New York today, finishing their month-long march from Boston. They were greeted in the park by a joyful convergence of other youthful anarchists. In abundance: handsewn clothing, dreadlocks, bandanas, cries of “Ya Basta!”, free rice and beans from vegetarian collective Food not Bombs, bicycles, drumbeats, dancing. Absent: Brickbats, Molotov cocktails, calls for violent overthrow. An entire busload of NYPD were on hand to keep peace at the group’s unpermitted march to Union Square, now ongoing; after negotiations, DNC2RNC were allowed to occupy one lane of traffic.

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