New York

Time’s Up! Reports 300+ Arrests of Riders; Few Released


The National Lawyers Guild is currently reporting more than 260 arrests from last night’s Critical Mass ride, while organizers with Time’s Up!, the event’s unofficial host, say they’re tracking more than 300. In any case, processing of those arrested is proceeding slowly. According to Time’s Up!, as of 2 p.m. fewer than 10 people had been released.

“It seems that more people are being put through the system than being released with desk appearance tickets,” said Bruce Bentley of the National Lawyers Guild. (A desk appearance ticket, given for misdemeanor charges, entitles you to be released on your own recognizance and appear before the judge at a later date rather than waiting in jail.) My boyfriend, Adam Berenzweig, calling from Central Booking on Centre Street, said he hoped or expected to be out by 6 p.m.

UPDATE: Adam was released at 2 A.M., 29 hours after his arrest, with a desk appearance ticket and a single charge of disorderly conduct. Among the first arrested, he was among the last 50 or so released.

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