New York

Ambush on Eighth Avenue


EIGHTH AVE AND 46TH ST–…where less than ten minutes later, around 5:30 p.m., the same group of young men and women in tutus, tattoos and painted gay-rights slogans were surrounded and barricaded in at the southeast corner of the street. Numerous eyewitnesses said no order to disperse was given. “I ran off,” said Lucy, who had been marching. “I wasn’t branded because I don’t have dreadlocks or anything. I stood to the side with my camera and they let me go.” Approximately 45 demonstrators were arrested in this box-in move, which resembled the tactics used for bicycle riders on Friday night. Elsewhere, demonstrators and bystanders are being penned in with orange webbing and lines of mounted police.

As of this writing the Mouse Bloc is regrouping at 53rd and Broadway and 7th and 47th. Clashes may continue into the evening.

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