New York

Nearly 200 Arrests in Midtown Today; Several Legal Observers, Media Members Rounded Up


Demonstrations in the Broadway theater district today marked the first chance this week that protesters have had to confront large numbers of Republican delegates. The delegates were on organized outings to see matinees.

Police reaction was intense.

A press release from the NYCLU reads, “Concerning the action in Times Square tonight in front of various theaters: It is the NYCLU’s observation that police action was excessive. The NYPD arrested people who were lawfully on the sidewalks and were not doing anything illegal. Many of those arrested were members of the media or legal observers.”

Bruce Bentley, of the National Lawyers Guild, adds: “We had at least three of our legal observers arrested for standing on the sidewalk with a group of people who were given 15 seconds to disperse in a very crowded area. The police tactics are unfair. They are not willing to give people an opportunity to leave when they gave an order to disperse.”

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