Don’t Fuck With the Lions


NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY, 6 P.M.–I’m going to try to go slowly and get everything in order. I got to the library just after some Montrealers from a gay-rights group called Pink Panthers were arrested on the steps. According to several witnesses they held up a banner with an anti-patriarchy message at the foot of the lions. The police told them to take it down and they immediately obeyed, then simply held up the banner between them. They were arrested along with a total of eight or 10 people as police in riot gear pushed back the crowd with batons, including one old man playing a guitar and simply sitting on the steps. A girl told me she was grabbed and thrown against the wall.

When I got there the riot police were holding the line as people held up a banner and chanted. People were singing, “We all live in a police state” to the tune of “Yellow Submarine.”