Listings – 8/31/2004


Who says boat parties are only for house music-heads? Drum’n’bass fanatics should get a fair shot at the finer things in life—like dancing to their favorite music while at sea. Thanks to the folks at Direct Drive, they will get to be Cast Away, but hopefully not thrown overboard, for their sixth-year-anniversary party. Two levels of DJs will be spinning, including Good Looking Records’ DJ Nookie, who headlines one floor. He shares the spotlight with local DJ and Breakbeat Science co-founder DB; Mathematics, the NYC-based smooth operators who’ve made one of the biggest splashes in the U.K.-centric d’n’b scene; and Direct Drive’s Blue Water. Funky white boy Adam F heads up the second level, with the harder-edged Stakka also spinning. Direct Drive’s Burner Brothers and DJ Seoul complete the bill. What more can you ask for? (OK, you can pray that the weather isn’t crap.) —Friday @ 6:30, Skyport Mariner, E 23rd & FDR Dr, 977.71.GROOVE

It’s the start of Fashion Week, and you might as well drink your troubles away (you know, the fact that you will never be able to afford any of those clothes on the runway) at Catwalk Royale. Newish New Yorker Boy George makes a guest appearance as the Twin, and spins too. Tasty Tim turns in a performance, and those hoping to get in are encouraged to “come cute or suffer the wrath!” —Monday @ 10, Spider Club, 47 W 20th, 212.807.7780

I’m usually not a fan of what I like to call “adult contemporary house”—house music that’s so smooth you almost can’t taste it at all. But Everything but the Girl’s Ben Watt is a pretty masterful DJ who plays uplifting tracks that flow extraordinarily well. If you’re like me, you’ll dance until you’re sweaty. —Wednesday @ 10, Canal Room, 285 W Bway, 212.941.8100