A Thousand Nos


30TH STREET AND EIGHTH AVENUE–By nightfall, a thousand or so have converged here for the last time, called by International A.N.S.W.E.R., to reject tonight’s coronation of George W. Bush. Public Enemy is playing on the sound system and people are writing anti-Bush slogans in sidewalk chalk. The T-shirt vendors are out in force. I recognize some of the signs, a bit tattered from earlier outings this week, but people are in good spirits.

“Everything I’ve been to has been pretty peaceful,” said Gayle Price, who was there with her seven-year-old son. “I think a lot of important political connections have been made between the anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-globalization, and anti-corporate movements. There’s a great change coming, hopefully.”

Isaac Weiler came here with the Venceremos Brigade, a Cuban solidarity group. He, too, judged the week a success. “Everything I’ve gone to has been packed. I wish there was more press coverage, but people have really turned out, and that’s huge. . . . The Republicans are going to go home feeling good because of the convention. On the streets, we’re mobilized to continue to fight.”