No Al Qaeda-Iraq Link, U.S. Said After 9/11


State Department’s ‘Network of Terrorism’ in November 2001 didn’t include the country we later invaded

Don’t listen to the campaign words. Look at what the U.S. State Department was saying two months after 9/11: A “Network of Terrorism” web page called “Countries Where al Qaeda Has Operated”, posted November 10, 2001, and still on the official government site as of this afternoon, lists 45 countries, but not Iraq—or Syria, for that matter. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia made the list, of course.

Fellow writer Laurel Maury tipped me off to this page, but word is coursing around the Internet, so who knows how long the government will leave it up. Hurry! Get your government facts while they’re hot.

The page is part of an elaborate package on Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, led off by an essay attributed to George W. Bush called “An Attack on the Civilized World.” He doesn’t mention Iraq, either.