How Much is a Dead Iraqi Worth?


We may not pay now, but we’ll pay

Sounds like we need to import some of that good ol’ American “tort reform” to Iraq. Mohammed Ridha al-Jashami, the governor of Wasit province, in northern Iraq, has refused to accept compensation offered by the U.S. occupation forces after residents were killed and houses were pulverized.

“Jashami said the amounts don’t match the extensive damage and losses suffered in poor neighborhoods,” Al-Mutamar, the daily paper of the ungrateful Iraqi National Congress, wrote. The INC, you’ll recall, was set up by neocons and funded by U.S. taxpayers so that Ahmed Chalabi could return to Iraq to the sound of one hand clapping and then be disowned by us.

How much dough are we talking about, anyway? The U.S. “allocated only $1,500 for each martyr,” the paper said, “and nothing to others whose houses were destroyed.” The guv has asked for $15,000 for each person killed and $10,000 for others “adversely affected by the fighting.”

Now they’re probably thinking of lawsuits. (Check out Corp Reform’s page on tort reform. But the good news for the Bush regime is that we don’t believe in the International Criminal Court.)

And here the U.S. of A. is already spending about $4 billion a month in Iraq. And we’re going to be spending $1 billion a year just to maintain our beautiful new embassy in Baghdad, and it’s going to have a full-time psychiatrist for in-house counseling and drugs for our own people.

I mean, what do these Iraqis want from us?

Maybe the Bush regime ought to dispatch campaign prop Rudy Giuliani to Iraq to emphasize that, after all, none of the dead Iraqi civilians in Wasit were altar boys. It is believed that not a single one of the 13,000 to 15,000 dead Iraqi civilians, practically all of whom were Muslims, was in fact an altar boy, unlike Patrick Dorismond.

Go to Iraqi Press Monitor and click on September 29 to see an excerpt of the Al-Mutamar story. While you’re there, look at the “cartoon of the day,” which carries this explanation, courtesy of the dedicated people at the Institute for War & Peace Reporting:

A number of small people are carrying banners proclaiming their “rights,” but a much larger U.S. soldier tosses them into a waste basket marked “Terrorism.” The cartoon suggests that the Americans label countries that ask for their rights as terrorist, especially powerless countries.

So ungrateful of the INC, which the CIA financed and Judith Miller of The New York Times egged on.