All Those Opposed?


Sources tell me that Kerry is not Bush

OK, I was wrong when I said Wednesday in my “Topical Storm Forecast” that somebody on last night’s Bush-Kerry TV show would say the word “legacy.” I checked the transcript; no one said it.

I guess my subconscious was fixated on what sort of legacy the radical Bush administration will leave us—if it ever indeed does leave us.

John Kerry is irrelevant. The best reason to vote for Kerry is that he simply is not George W. Bush. There’s a ring of scum in the bathtub that will be difficult to scrub away once Bush is gone—no matter who’s president. Might as well be Kerry. Because he’s not Bush.

The oily stuff in the tub is from Dick Cheney; the red stuff is somebody else’s blood spilled by Don Rumsfeld and his band of neocons led by Doug Feith; the green stuff could be from such idiotic Bush appointees as Kristin J. Forbes of the Council of Economic Advisers (she’s someone who defends income inequality—refresh your memory with the February 25 Bush Beat item “Math Destruction”). Some of the other gunk in the bathtub looks like varnish chipped off the platform that Bush’s party guests worked on in late August under the supervision of Colorado governor Bill Owens. (He’s a stealth religious-right zealot, by the way—see my 1998 profile of Owens from my days in Denver.) John Ashcroft is America’s self-designated cleanser, but he just makes that scum in the tub even harder to get out. On the other hand, if you spill a little bit of Ashcroft on, say, the U.S. Constitution, the words dissolve; if you don’t rinse it off soon, that document won’t be worth the paper it was written on.

I’ll try anything, even guided imagery involving a bathtub. I don’t pimp for candidates, but I will point out that another term for Bush means Supreme Court appointments, more bad appointments elsewhere, no hope for peace in the Middle East, more fights to pick around the world, a widening gap between rich and poor, more intrusion of religious zealotry into our lives, continued excessive profit-taking, and so on. Kerry, lame as he is, would look like Franklin Friggin’ Roosevelt in comparison.

No matter what people may want to think, this election is a referendum on George W. Bush. Digging down to the root of the matter, Bush himself is irrelevant—he’s simply a front man, and he’s stupid. But the people around him aren’t.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 1, 2004

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