Listings – 10/5/2004


Colder is the sound of a bored Parisian graphic designer with a musical itch. His debut, Again, got nabbed by Trevor Jackson’s label Output. Colder (né Marc Nguyen Tan) isn’t content with just creating a critically praised album filled with moody, pensive music and breathy vocals. No, he has to make short films for each of the songs, too. Way to go, making the rest of us feel like slackers. Jackson, himself no slouch in the post-disco-electro-funk realm, has turned into a tastemaker via his label, handpicking Colder, Dead Combo (who like things noisy and distorted), Vancouver’s Circlesquare, minimalist Love and Rockets, and Mu (the twisted product of Maurice Fulton and his wife, Mutsumi). It might be so f*&king cool, even the trendies won’t be able to handle it. Thursday @ 9, Canal Room, 285 W Bway, 212.941.8100

We know time flies when you’re having fun, but we must have been having a lot of fun, since that “new” party 718 Sessions is already turning two. The post–Body & Soul deep-house-lovin’ jam, helmed by ex-B&S-er Danny Krivit, seems to get stronger in popularity with each week. Here’s to next year and the year after that! Sunday @ 6, Deep, 16 W 22nd, 212.978.8869

Q-Burns Abstract Message is one of the few West Coast producers from the early ’90s that didn’t burn out or fade away. While he does maintain a lower profile, he’s got a new remix album, Future Past Tense, which will help him return to the spotlight. It’s got Left Coast written all over it, with sunny-side up melodies, funk-filled beats, and some tribal touches. The end result is a record filled with the kind of shimmery deep house not rendered cold by an overly immaculate production. If we still did E, we’d take a pill and chill. Wednesday @ 10, Table 50, 643 Bway, 212.253.2560