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The Ultimate Malpractice Case


Political pain and suffering? Call a lawyer like John Edwards.

Don’t believe the hype from the “tort reform” people that John Edwards is just another sleazy lawyer. Edwards is one of the most effective ambulance-chasers in recent years, and he has won fame and fortune representing human, rather than corporate, citizens.

Prep yourself for tonight’s debate by reading FindLaw’s profile of Edwards the litigator. It gives a rundown of his career as a trial lawyer, plus valuable links.

For a more thorough story, read Brooklyn Law School professor Anthony J. Sebok‘s well-reasoned defense of Edwards’s ambulance-chasing. It’s a savvy retort to the “tort reform” propaganda that gushes from our corporate fellow citizens.

The Boston Globe‘s Curtis Wilkie plants Edwards in the tradition of Southern white progressives, who often were lawyers, like one of our personal favorites, Atticus Finch.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 5, 2004

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