Dear Bush Beat . . . Mixing religion and politics


And schnapps and Jägermeister

David Domke, a professor at the University of Washington, writes:

Read your piece a few weeks back on Bush and God [“The Christocrats”], thought you’d find this interesting:

Attached was an op-ed piece Domke and Kevin Coe wrote for the Seattle Times : “Bush’s Fundamentalism: The President as Prophet.”

It’s another of Domke’s excellent articles about Bush and religion, written on the left coast but from the perspective of a clean-cut Christian. Witness this:

Bush’s fusion of a religious outlook with administration policy is a striking shift in modern presidential rhetoric. Presidents since Franklin Roosevelt have spoken as petitioners of God, seeking blessing and guidance; this president positions himself as a prophet, issuing declarations of divine desires for the nation and world. Put simply, Bush’s language suggests that he speaks not to God, but for God.

Thank you for reading, David. And thanks for writing this piece about Bush and God. As you astutely note, Bush claims to speak “for God,” and that’s the message he’ll increasingly give, via code words, to the evangelical Christians and fundamentalist Jews who are feverishly being registered to vote for him.

Be sure to count the number of coded religious references Bush makes during tonight’s debate as he continues to address his congregants, especially in the South’s battleground states.

Those coded messages won’t work on everyone. The morning after the first presidential debate, Steaming Pile Of Bush wrote:

Mr. Harkavy!! Splendid work today at the Bush Beat!! Excellent research and plentiful links made for excellent reading!! Appreciate your effort.

By the way, Big John beat the Bushführer like a red-headed stepchild this evening—brought grins to all in the room watching!!!

Thank you for reading, Steaming Pile of Bush. It’s clear that the president’s coded religious messages won’t work on your type. The only thing I would suggest for a heathen like you is that, as you prepare for tonight’s debate, buy some Watermelon Pucker Schnapps, Jägermeister, and fruit punch—serve your guests a real Red-Headed Stepchild.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 8, 2004

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