Remote Patrol



November 1 starting at 7 on Sundance

Feeling unmotivated to vote? Sundance has prepared a slate of partisan political docs, including Unprecedented, a painful reminder of the 2000 election farrago; Uncovered, an investigation into the Iraq war farrago; and Unconstitutional, about the Patriot Act farrago. All this is capped by Bush’s Brain, a critical portrait of Karl Rove.


November 2 at 8 on Trio

This low-key doc traces the evolving views of five Log Cabin Republicans; some embrace Bush despite his attacks on gay marriage, while others find themselves increasingly conflicted.


Wednesdays at 10:30 on Comedy Central

Just when you thought you couldn’t stand another series about repulsive ordinary people thrown together in a tacky mansion, along comes Drawn Together. This animated parody of shows like The Real World nails all the hallmarks (angsty confessionals, racial confrontations) and stereotypes: The slutty role is filled by a Betty Boop–gone-wild character and the troublemaker is a real (well, cartoon) pig. I’m not sure how long Drawn Together can sustain this housemate humor, but it’s better to burn out than end up on a Real World reunion show.

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