Women Who Really Rock: Christina and Britney Be Damned


This weekend, ladies who rock show you that they’re not “with the band,” they are the band. Putting their imprimatur on this year’s multi-genre arts festival Ladyfest*East, electronicists and feminist and transgender activists Le Tigre add their Monday-night Irving Plaza show to the bill, while about 40 other bands, including the Butchies and the Gossip, play throughout the weekend. Spoken-word artists such as National Poetry Slam champion Celena Glenn and comediennes like Becky Donahue mouth off, while self-styled “biracial, butch, black, Jewish, and working-class” performance artist Danielle Abrams shows her Flushing roots. In an all-female performance of their long-running Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, avant-garde Chicago mainstay the Neo-Futurists attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. At “Drop the Needle,” 12 designers flaunt their whimsical and/or utilitarian couture to homespun hip-hop by Northern State, and the free visual-arts gallery showcases artists like Lori Barrett (a/k/a Enid Crow), who photographs herself in garish disaster melodramas. Ladyfest has two goals: bringing women’s art to you and you to each other. With much of the four-day festival at OfficeOps, including workshops in belly dancing and burlesque and Sunday’s Witches and Bitches Halloween party, there will be opportunity aplenty to meet other cultured ladies.