Completely Unscientific Poll of an Even More Unscientific Focus Group


Well, Iraq is all over the Duval County brain. Talk to anyone at a voting station (Bradham Brooks Regional Library, in this case) and you hear about the war. Most people have seen the latest Bin Laden tape, but none of them will cop to allowing it to change their vote. Here’s an unscientific tally of voters and what they’re saying.

The Uncertifiable Results:

Quick Quotes:

I always vote on values. I believe the president stands for the right values. He’s strong, firm and just a patriot. Plus, his name is George.
George Hickman, 40

Last time, I went for Bush. I voted Kerry this time. I have a few friends in Iraq. I want them home as soon as I can get ’em back.
Lynn Carrol, 28

Bush. The issue is security. I don’t care about the Bin Laden tape. But I don’t think you change presidents during the war. They say there’s over 100 acts of terror prevented since 9/11. You only hear about the bad news.
Crystal Jackson, witheld age

Well, they started cheating already. They only wanted to give us one polling station, but we raised hell. I did vote for Kerry. Let’s see if it counts this time.
Erica Sadler, 33

It’s too serious, just way too serious. I don’t understand anyone who didn’t vote. Kerry, Kerry. The economy. The war. Kerry’ll handle them both.
Javon Peirce, 23