Edwards Goes to Church


They didn’t pack the house of the holy for John Edwards, but they brandished his gospel. At Greater Grant AME, the reverend’s word was of the here and now. For sure, a banner announced his call—God’s People United For God’s Prayer—but his message was earthbound—go to the polls and vote, check with your neighbors to make sure they vote, see if they need a ride to vote. Then the reverend turned to introduce John Edwards—Our walls are crumbling in despair. Many have forgotten what happened four years ago, but there’s a Nehemiah among us.

The crowd rose to its feet applauding as Edwards took the stage. He hit all the right notes—quoting Dr. King, citing black unemployment, name-checking Bill Clinton.

They don’t hear the voice of the people we grew up with. Here’s what we say to all our brothers and sisters: John Kerry hears you and we’re going to fight with you every day.

He ended with Honest Abe—We are on God’s side—before exiting stage left with his entourage. “Blessed Assurance” filled the house—This is my story. This is my song.