The Failure of Black Conservativism


A couple of days ago a Kerry/Edwards canvasser was explaining how the campaign used data to deduce from the rolls likely African American supporters and then try to get them out to vote.

You ever get a Bush voter, I asked?

Yeah, the canvasser responded. Usually it’s over a values issue–gay marriage, say, or abortion. This is the South. There are a lot of pro-life black folks.

Black Republicans are quick to cite the black community’s own socially conservative values to justify their politics. They aren’t wrong. Of course, they neglect to mention that the GOP’s current dominance is made possible by the support of white Southeners who don’t like black people.

But being here in Jacksonville, seeing the importance of church, and just the overall traditionalism of the black community, you can see the day when the electoral math could shift. Hey, we had Reagen Democrats. Are we ready for McCain Blacks?