New York

All Quiet on the Duval Front–Too Quiet


Duval County–you call this partisanship? Downstate, reporters are getting the beatdown for trying to document the democratic process. In Broward County, you’ve got international obsevers making sure everything’s on the up and up. In Ohio, judges are issuing rulings that may swing the fate of the free world.

But Duval County seems anxious to shirk its legacy from 2000. There was the brief battle over the lack of early polling locations, a tempest that quickly subsided after the head of the elections board resigned, and the new commissioner promptly added more sites. In general, though, Duval County has played by the rules.

Asked about possible challenges to individual voters, a flack for the local Dems attempted to take the moral highground: “We won’t be challenging any voters,” she noted. Well, neither are the Republicans. So far, at least. Who knows what will happen on election day proper. But right now the GOP is sticking to sign-waving.

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