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What a difference a voting site makes. No surprise that at the early polling site in the predominantly black northwest section of Jacksonville, Kerry backers were in the majority. Take a drive to the other side of town, to the Southeast Regional Library, and the scene is different. First of all, things are more combative. OK, so reporters aren’t getting punched for interviewing writers, and rioting hasn’t broken out, but the Bush/Cheney sign-wavers are in effect.

A line snakes around the outside of the library. The voters are mostly older, and mostly white. The war in Iraq is still the dominant issue, but the prism is completely different. Nobody doubts that Iraq is a mess, but most people on line here don’t think the answer is to change leaders in midstream. “I’m supporting the president, and supporting the troops,” says one Bush voter. “I didn’t like the stuff that came out about Kerry’s war record,” says another. Guess which way southeast Duval County is leaning?

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