New York

One Day to Go


At Jacksonville’s Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Church, Election Protection is holding a late night block party. Election Protection is a coalition of several nominally nonpartisan organizations looking to minimize chaos during the election. Outside Mt. Olive, a bevy of activists and community folks sampled from a crude buffet, and took in some Karaoke.

Inside, lawyers and volunteer poll watchers milled about in a scrum of controlled chaos. “It’s the first time a lot of us have gotten together,” explained Kush Bambrah, a lawyer with Election Protection. Bambrah had flown in the night before. He wore gym shoes and a buttoned-down shirt, and explained how he came to work in the field of voter protection. “I started the week after the 2000 election,” said Bambrah. “It was chaos, just insane. I think this time a lot of the African American community is just ready to go.”

Like most of the other activists, Bambrah was especially worried about the prospects of Republican volunteers challenging voters. “Honestly,” said Bambrah, “I’m not sure what’s going to happen.”

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