New York

Hero of the Homeland (2)


Nelson Lopatin. Standing out in the pouring rain all day in a forlorn corner of downtown Cleveland, the Carter-Manor Hotel, basically a federal housing project for the near-homeless, also tonight a polling station. Nelson, an activist with (that “shadowy” 527 group whose supposed evils Republicans so love to disparage), looked at an electoral map, decided that Ohio was the most important state in this election, and drove 233 miles from his Rochester home to volunteer. Now he hudddles under a giant umbrella, passing out sample ballots and answers to frequently asked question, and points voters in the right direction.

No Republican challengers have shown up for him to do battle with. The Republicans challengers have turned out to be paper tigers. Are they afraid to venture into the black neighborhoods? Did Bush-Cheney ’04 never gather enough volunteers to make their presence felt in any event?

What will we tell the children?

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