MoveOn Volunteers Are the Victims of a “Smear Campaign”


State Republican Parties in Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Iowa and Minnesota are complaining that volunteers with MoveOn, the progressive 527 that has 70,000+ volunteers getting out the vote for Kerry nationwide, are illegally electioneering by getting too close to the polling places and otherwise intimidating voters. In an emergency press conference, MoveOn executive director Eli Pariser said it would just be “stupid” to tell your volunteers to break any rules, and said MoveOn was the victim of an “orchestrated and premeditated smear campaign,” citing “boilerplate” language in many of the state party complaints. While taking reporters’ questions, MoveOn learned that the Minnesota GOP is seeking a temporary restraining order against them, and that a GOP lawyer came into New Mexico MoveOn offices to accuse them of illegal electioneering.