Pissed-Off Voter


“Anybody who says 2000 didn’t have an effect is really tripping,” says Tallahassee, Florida, resident LeAndra Padgett. “My gas prices have doubled, and it comes out of my budget.” In 2000, Padgett, then 19, was set to cast her first vote over. But like tons of other Florida voters–many of them black–she was told her name wasn’t on the rolls. It wasn’t until Bush’s narrow margin of victory was revealed that Padgett understood the impact of every vote.

Recently she’s taken up with the League of Pissed Off Voters, and worked canvassing the Tallahassee region, hoping to bring more people into the process. “After 2000, people are really disappointed,” says Padgett, now 23 and still angry over 2000. “But the world is really watching in this election.”