New York

Stupid Voter-Suppression Tricks


From all over:

Voters in New Hampshire have reported receiving calls from “Kerry supporters” saying “Kerry has enough votes now, you can stay home.”

A MoveOn volunteer in Florida visited an elderly couple who had been duped by a fake “absentee ballot” mailed to their home, which listed only Kerry and Bush.

The Election Protection coalition reports, “In Jacksonville, Florida, there is a report of a group wearing unidentifiable badges going around and telling voters that they can vote until Nov 18 and that it is not necessary to vote today.”

Eli Pariser of MoveOn mentioned reports of people in Florida being told Election Day was later in the week, or that if anyone in your family has committed a crime, you are ineligible to vote.

Common Cause says in Franklin County, Ohio, poll workers are yelling at voters to hurry up, and a voter got an email from the Bush-Cheney campaign this morning advising him to vote at a different location than the one he received on a postcard from the county Board of Elections.

“In Lake County, Ohio, officials say at least a handful of voters have reported receiving a notice on phony board of elections letterhead saying that anyone who had registered through a variety of Democratic-leaning groups would not be allowed to vote this year.”

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