What it’s like out there


An Eagle-Eyed Informant reports from Ward Five’s polling place at the Caledonia School, in Cleveland Heights, inner-ring suburb on the border of East Cleveland (also its own muncipality, “a very bleak place,” Cleveland Bob’s Brother tells me).

This particular Eagle-Eyed Informant was a Democrat who wisely stuck around at the “secret meeting” set up to “hire” “special inspectors,” after other Democrats left and Republicans were instructed to stay. So she got herself credentialed as a “special inspector”–and dispatched herself to this mostly African American area.

Two precincts, H and L. For some reason, L has a short line every year, H a long one. Immediately, she ordered more voting booths to help move the line along. No problems getting the booths–but they forgot to send the voting booklets along with them. No malfeasance, they’re just running around like chickens with their heads cut off over there.