New York

Why You Are a Democrat (1)


There’s so much decency here, but also much insouciance: Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the zaftig diva of the Congressional Black Caucus, says she’s going to show George Bush a pink slip. And then she pulls out, from behind the podium…a honkin’ big satin pink slip!. And toughness. “This is our country and we are people of faith!” says Cleveland’s mayor Jane Campbell, normally mousy, in a moment of defiance.

“He doesn’t give a damn,” AFL-CIO president John Sweeney intones, opening a peroration about our president, about his “optimism” in the face of good jobs being replaced by bad jobs. “And we’re going to beat the son of a Bush!” He’s impish, like the grade school kids.

Congressman Sherrod Brown riffs on the scene that will unfold 24 hours ago, returns coming in: he begins to list the names of the anchormen, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, then…”let’s say Bill O’Reilly. When Bill O’Reilly has to look into the camera, and Bill O’Reilly has to say…'”

Kerry! Kerry! Kerry! Kerry!

“…when Bill O’Reilly has to look into the camera and say: ‘We call Ohio for John Kerry’–then we can all say, ‘Mission Accomplished.'”

Dennis Kucinich, the energy of a windup toy, touches the stage, then reaches for the sky.

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