New York

Pictures from a Divided Country


pic by me, click for big

I still don’t have any political analysis to add to the day’s events. Chris Matthews on MSNBC just said America isn’t like India and Pakistan yet, but it sure is divided. Wow. I’m slightly sick of reading, so I’ve just been looking at pictures.

The election supplement of the NY Times today is full of really great photography. Two great color photos on the front of the “P” section, and a bunch of great B/W shots inside. There are some slide shows on the website, but it doesn’t look the same, so if you’re somewhere near the print edition… Also check out the Corbis site for more election photos.

I’ve also just looked at a great new book called Purple Hearts, portraits of injured Iraq war veterans taken by photographer Nina Berman. Worth a look, especially ahead of the expected assault on Falluja.


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