The fight for Florida goes out with a whimper


The battle for Florida is officially over and the Bushies have won. One huge difference between this time and last time–this win looks official. Over the past few days here, I’ve seen a strong get-out-the-vote push by Democrats. Kerry’s people reminded other supporters about early voting and also reminded them that the polls were open on Saturdays and Sundays. Actvists offered free rides to polling locations, and on election day, made their presence felt. The much ballhooed voter challenges never even materialized.

The upshot? If Bush goes on to win the election, he will REALLY have won the election. For the last three years, lefties and Bush-dissers have drilled Republicans for stealing the 2000 election. That’s a fair charge. But if Bush skated the first time out, he appears to have administered a sound whipping this go-round. That leaves us all with some serious soul-searching. The fact is that the Dems lost to a president who presided over a disastrous economy and an even more disastrous war. How did it come to this?