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Young People and Christians


In case you’d like to finish dissecting the electoral evidence before starting to strategize for the next four years:

Young voters 18-29 turned out in record numbers this year. 64% turned out in the 10 battleground states, beating the previous (1992) turnout spike by four points. They were the only age group to prefer Kerry. They went for Kerry by 18 points in Florida, 14 points in Ohio, and 32 points in PA according to exit polls, as well as 10 points nationally. No word on how these first-time voters feel, and whether they’ll vote again.

Along with many other sources, Christianity Today’s blog thinks evangelical Christians probably swung it.

“Among those who cited moral values as their top priority, Bush defeated Kerry 79-18. The numbers were dramatic in Ohio, the state that ensured Bush’s victory. Self-described white evangelical/ born-again voters composed 25 percent of the Ohio electorate and supported Bush by a 76-24 margin. Jobs were the key concern for Ohio voters (24 percent), but moral issues was right behind (23 percent). Much like the rest of the country, these morally minded voters supported Bush 85-14…with Bush’s surprisingly large popular-vote victory, Rove is likely to have located his 4 million evangelicals plus many more.”

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