Dots, I’ve lost count


What to say about an immoral man winning on a platform of “morality”?

The exit-poll number that all the pundits are talking about is that “moral values” was the single top issue voters cited as motivating their vote–22 percent, in the oft-cited figure from CNN. Four-fifths of those voted for Bush.

It grates every time I hear it.

All this statistic shows is that Republicans waged a successful campaign to get “conservative ideology” replaced by this word “morality.” So constructions of the word “morality” that notch with the values of liberals have been erased. As if liberals don’t have “morality.”

Or “values”–another successful linguistic punking.

It’s amazing how many people they’ve been able to punk on this, in fact. Even Charles Schumer repeated a similar point last night on the Daily Show: that the Republicans won on “these values issues.”

I’ll be saying more on this in print in next week’s Voice.