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Running Out of Patients


In our glorious crusade for democracy, we level a Fallujah hospital

Everything’s working out perfectly for the Bush regime’s upcoming bloodbath in Fallujah.

A U.S. Marine sergeant turned to his troops on Saturday, according to embedded BBC reporter Paul Wood, and told them: “We’re not going into Fallujah to give out fuzzy bears and warm hugs.”

A few hours later, U.S. planes bombed the Nazzal Emergency Hospital to smithereens in the center of the city.

No hospital, no patients to receive fuzzy bears and warm hugs. Another problem solved.

This is a situation that’s wholly out of control. Take Marine Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Brandl, poised to lead his troops into Fallujah’s narrow streets, escorted by Abrams tanks bristling with cannons and machine guns. On the wall of his operations center, he has a picture of Saddam Hussein dressed as Saladin. Brandl told the BBC’s Wood:

The enemy has got a face. He’s called Satan. He lives in Fallujah. And we’re going to destroy him.

Considering the 12th century version of democracy we’re spreading, is it any wonder that when Osama bin Laden refers to us as “Crusaders,” a whole generation of young, angry Muslims agrees with him?

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