New Evidence Bush Stole Election (Again)


Nearly a week after Election Day, evidence is mounting that our democratic system was hijacked (again) to ensure a Republican victory. Here are four lines of argument to pursue in your long sleepless nights.

1)Final returns did not match exit polls in optical-scan and electronic-voting states, always in swing states, always in Bush’s favor, always significantly. (Alternative explanation here.)

2) Vote totals diverged widely and inexplicably from party registration in several Florida counties.

3) Documented problems with electronic voting machines in Ohio and Florida; officials in Warren County, Ohio, alone in the nation, would not let a reporter watch the count, citing “homeland security.” The county went 72-27 for Bush.

4) The most diffuse, depressing, and convincing explanation: Vote “spoilage,” long lines at understaffed polling places, and the overuse of provisional ballots all worked heavily against Democrats. Provisional ballots essentially became <ahref=”″> placebo votes. They were handed out to hundreds of thousands of first-time registrants, yet they have little hope of affecting the outcome of the election now. I find it significant that this is the line taken by Greg Palast who did so much tireless work to expose the fraud in Florida 2000.