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Get Lost


To the whining Democrats who want to quit the country, some clever citizen from the red states has a reply: Get out. Under the heading “Relocation Assistance for ‘Disenfranchised’ Citizens,” a new website called Help Them Leave (at asks, “Are you absolutely outraged that George W. Bush was re-elected President of the United States? Have you decided that you just can’t stand living in a country that would elect such an obvious idiot? Is the thought of four more years of ‘W’ more than you can stand? Don’t worry! We can help.”

The goal of this 21st-century brand of red America is to consolidate a homogenous citizenry that, as Mike Thompson recently wrote in Human Events, consists of white, English-speaking, heterosexual Christians living in single-family homes. John Derbyshire in The National Review described the kind of people red America doesn’t need or want, although he doesn’t want to throw them out: “It is those wreckers that most concern me: the arrogant judges, the academic deconstructors, the teacher-union multiculturalists, the media guilt-mongers, the love-the-world pacifists, the criminal-lovers and family-breakers, the inventors of bogus rights and destroyers of cherished traditions, the haters of normality and scoffers at restraint, the enterprise-destroying litigators and pain-feelers.”


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