Power-metal maestros revel in motor skills


Spoiling any expectation of magic inside, The War Within advertises bonus DVD heavy-metal music tutorials for the kids—two for guitarists and one for drummers. Strength through the sweat and joy of drill sells: For Shadows Fall, art is when musical fitness and motor skills are pure, so the triumph of training must be shown.

Within these boundaries, The War Within is wunnerful, just wunnerful. The power-metal delivery is astounding and perfect. Although nothing is as memorable even in the diminished ways of the blowhard project Velvet Revolver, or damned peculiar like Finntroll, SF always punch the face on execution. So it doesn’t matter that the singing is a hackneyed screamer’s faux despair or the keening of a twerp; the brain suppresses both the same way it kills the out-of-kilter half of vision in someone who is walleyed. If you think there’s any genuine emotion , you’re confusing it with disciplined reflexes and mimicry.

Shadows Fall play Irving Plaza November 27.

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