Morning Report 12/11/04The Kerik Ouster


Throwing the bathwater out with the baby

Late last night, Bernie Kerik exited stage left from the Bush Tragedy. Mr. Law N. Order was paying his nanny under the table, and George W. Bush‘s handlers were afraid this particular story about the ersatz Napoleon‘s simoleons would be regurgitated by the press.

Nannygate also happened to Bill Clinton‘s attempted appointment of Zoe Baird. For a look deep inside the hidden workforce of women who almost never get health insurance and other employment benefits for raising the children of families that have health insurance and other employment benefits, read Chisun Lee‘s 2002 Voice probe. Time and again, politicians have been embarrassed by Nannygates. But of course we’ve yet to see the Run-D.C. crackas tryna put rhyme to reason to solve the problem itself.

Too bad about Kerik, in a way. I’ve met many cops in my life whom I greatly respect, but I really wanted to kick around this particular ex-NYPD martinet, and not just for selfish reasons: Exposing the Bush Error is very tough in the current climate, and Kerik’s appointment as Homeland Security chief would have provided a soft underbelly for show-and-tell-and-poke.

That he was even nominated for such a job was nuts, but then, Bush’s first choice to head the 9/11 Commission was beyond chilly: Henry Kissinger.

Those of us who read—unlike Bush—have another reason to lament Kerik’s being yanked off stage by the regime’s puppeteers: The guy’s last name is practically palindromic, which brings to mind a different sort of play from the long-running tragicomedy at which we’re squirming:

Able was I ere I saw Elba

You can see that legendary beaut on this Texas site, along with many others. If Kerik had survived to serve as the nation’s security guard, maybe someone would have dreamed up something as clever as this one, which can also be seen in the Texas collection:

Wonder if Sununu’s fired now?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on December 11, 2004

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