Empire of the Sun


Today (Tuesday), The New York Sun‘s staff editorial takes on John Kerry and the Democratic Party’s softness on—yes—Communism.

Last week, a Sun editorial slashed the Federal Reserve for failing to base its currency policy on a version of—you gussed it—the gold standard.

In late November, a front-page piece declared, “U.N. Would Be Fine Site For Housing.”

It’s not just that The Sun is conservative (it sometimes makes the New York Post look pinko), nor that it embraces a Zionism so fierce that the likes of Daniel Pipes get columns in the news section, nor that it can hardly conceal its disdain for the Clintons (“Saudis, Arabs Funneled Millions To President Clinton’s Library” atop the November 22 front-page) or the U.N. (“U.N. Is Deemed A ‘Lost Cause,’ Annan Or Not” it cried on December 9).

It’s that sometimes The Sun is, well, just weird. Examples include:

• Raymond Joseph, Haiti’s chief representative to the United States, regularly pens a Sun column about Haitian policy. In one recent column, he suggested that the kidnapping of a well-known hotel owner “may be connected to President Bush’s victory.”

• Columnist Alicia Colon not only wrote last month that Alfred Kinsey and Margaret Mead were “the two persons most responsible for the decline of morality in America,” but also added that Kinsey could be said to be “most responsible” for the actions of a Staten Island child murderer.

• And in an editorial criticizing the judicial panel that recommended billions more for NYC schools, The Sun even said that school history textbooks need only be updated to mention the Nixon administration.

Nixon? That was a telling line.

I mean, targeting John Kerry’s Vietnam protests in an editorial more than a month after the election? Championing the gold standard?

The old-time logo isn’t the only retro thing about The Sun.