Tale-spinning: Bookish Jews get out of control at Joe’s Pub


Don’t expect your grandmother’s bubbe mayseh at the latest installment of “Heeb Storytelling,” modeled after popular tale-spinning event “The Moth,” and sometimes affectionately referred to as “The Shmoth.” Here, Heeb magazine’s arts editor Shana Liebman has gathered a deliciously daffy heeby-dweeby bill of babblers (Peter Hyman, whose The Reluctant Metrosexual could be an apt profile of most boys my mishpocheh’s tried to set me up with; Michael Portnoy, whose stunts and short stories rival any I’ve heard on said dates), tunesters (One Ring Zero, for whose literarily klezmical carnivalcade and smarty-pants patter I’ve already professed my love; Jill Sobule, whose songs really are neat, sweet little stories unto themselves), and jokesters (Bex Schwartz, VH1’s second-sexiest token Jewish girl/quip provider; SNL scribes Slovin & Allen — who’s gonna argue with two-for-the-price-of-one?; The Daily Show‘s Eric Drysdale — of whom, obviously, the left-leaning parents would approve; Becky Donohue, founder of and, like those the New York Times article on “trespassers” scooped, one smart shiksa) who would not only please my yenta, uh, I mean, mom, if I brought them home, but would tickle my kishkes too.