Morning Report 12/16/04Rock the Vote!


Election season in Iraq: It’s a blast

Iraq’s Shiite majority, expected to win control of the country in the January 30 election, are already getting bombed.

Eight of them were killed earlier today near the holy shrine of Imam Hussein in Kerbala, according to Swiss Info.

The country’s youngsters, caught up in the merriment, hit the streets to swap photos with Americans through the Department of Defense’s Operation Picture Peace.

Although his mission has already been accomplished, George W. Bush‘s job of protecting Iraqis is not done. He declared yesterday:

“We will continue to make it clear to both Syria and Iran that . . . meddling in the internal affairs of Iraq is not in their interests.”

Bush didn’t elaborate, according to the story by David Morgan of Reuters, and no one apparently asked him why his regime decided years ago to meddle in the internal affairs of Iraq by invading it.