Artists From Amsterdam Muscle Old Ideas Into Intimate Space


In Between Spaces opened with a serene image—Amsterdam’s Cherif Zaouali and Vincent Verburg (choreographer), kneeling under spotlights, eyes firmly shut. Luscious colors saturated the backdrop and several video monitors. A soundscape offered only gentleness—a chiming bell, electronic blips. Each man raised a hand to his chest or drew it to his side. Then, still sightless, they sliced open and began to dump out a big bag of interactions—sculpted, primal, remarkably improvised—even spilling into the aisle between the club’s clusters of tables. (Perched on a folding chair within an inch of muscular men lunging, tussling, repeatedly slamming against the floor, a viewer feels—and fears—the energy.) One segment featured loud music and an explosion of clips ripped from Dutch television, hammering home Verburg’s less-than-fresh ideas about technology pulverizing human life. The men’s dancing was solid throughout about 40 minutes of visceral distress, and well worth the upset.