Owned by Dominican siblings, this tropical five-month-old bar is heating up the sidewalks of Brooklyn’s Smith Street. Inside, a diverse crowd of beautiful people works up a sweat to a fusion of Latin beats in a back-to-nature backdrop that provokes serious partying. The decor—bamboo bar, palm fronds, wood ceiling, straw and canvas banquettes—along with dim lighting and very friendly bartenders, invites passersby to stop by. The exotic cocktail list—ingredients include guava nectar, coconut rum, and passion-fruit juice—encourages them to stay a while. Try the much touted Mamajuana ($6), an Indian aphrodisiac made of Brugal rum, medicinal herbs, roots, spices, and honey. Yeah, it tastes like a botanica in a glass at first, but it’ll have you saying “¡Quiero más!” after a few sips. If you’re not convinced, then soak up the ambience with a Presidente ($4) in hand. Warning: It’ll be 4 a.m. before you know it. Anyone want to do shots?

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