More than One Way to Numb Out that Root Canal


So Blake Shelton’s driving his truck, doing an easy 58 in the left lane of the interstate, Buffett and Twitty on the radio and a couple of empty Sam Adams Lights on the floorboard, and this “foreign-car-drivin’ dude with a road-rage attitude” pulls up beside him and flips him off. Breaks Blake’s reverie about margaritas and senoritas on some beach, the sumbitch. But what does he expect? Blake’s dawdling, holding up traffic in his Dodge Ram with the Road Rage (make that Road King) Intimidator tires. He’s late for a dental appointment, and upon smelling his breath the dentist foresees a lawsuit and commences drilling before the Novocain takes hold.

That’s the hit, “Some Beach,” from Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill, a catalog of domestic hassles whose tone is mostly comic but leavened with darker thoughts about drinking and how God knows your habits far too well, just like your dad and your wife do. Musical and verbal details are nothing special, although in “I Drink” Shelton demonstrates necessary microwave skills and the droll Buck Owens-derived “What’s on My Mind” gets him off the hook when he sings “Honey, you are so persuasive/But it makes me more evasive/When you pry.”