Oh, Ricky’s, ‘You’re So Fine’


Yep, we were shocked by this too: Ricky’s—the mega New York beauty supplies
chain that stocks enough flammable hair products to torch a small African
village—has just gone crunchy. Ricky Kenig’s 16-year-old company will be
pursuing Mother Nature’s higher objective with the addition of
Ricky’s Natural. Devoted purely to all-natural and organic makeup, skin, and
hair supplies, the new shop on Mulberry is not wholly different from
the original Ricky’s—if Ricky went on six-month sabbatical with Ravi Shankar. Dark wood bookcases hold selections of beeswax candles, incense,
and organic shampoos; in place of walls of fuzzy slippers and novelty
keychains, there’s a fridge of energy drinks, a yoga section, and ersatz
shrines to Buddha.

While the store is an obvious attempt to cash in on the booming market for
organic products, Ricky Kenig (yes, Ricky himself) also claims it’s a
return to the store’s roots. “We’ve always had natural sections,
and as time has gone on, they got diluted. We use to have eight to 12 feet
of natural products only. Now, if you want, say, Tom’s toothpaste, you have
the toothpaste section.” Ricky’s Natural, according to Kenig, is merely an
expansion of the many organic products regular Ricky’s carries. “All we did was
go back to what we were doing before. Where before it was eight to 10 feet
[of natural products], now you’re able to have 1500 square feet of natural

It sounds like a new world for Ricky, but there’s still a “twist,” as Kenig
calls it: the sex-toy section in the back remains. (And yes, all products
here are gloriously, gloriously artificial.)